• Harness the Power of Mindfulness and Video Games

    Practicing self-care should be fun, habit-forming,

    and never feel like work. These transformative games

    make practicing self-care feel ecstatic.

  • "What we spend our time on is probably

    the most important decision we make."


    – Ray Kurzweil



  • Entertain Your Best Self.


    Orpheus Self-Care Entertainment provides embodied interactive experiences designed to harness the power of mindfulness and video games. This allows the player to effortlessly achieve positive results for their mind and body through meditation, dance, artistic creation, and more.


    We believe in crafting a digital space with a deeper consciousness. One that can play a significant role in improving and elevating emotional, physical, and cognitive states. Ours are the tools of transcendence.



    Featured Projects

  • Rave Runner

    Become one with movement and sound. Flow with the music and drop deeply into your body. Feel the heat build in your core. Don’t fight it. Feel it. Fly forward. You got this!

  • Microdose VR

    Creativity is medicine. Move your body to create dynamic living art with simple gestures. Your flow state is rapidly induced to transport you into a world of fascinating shape, color, and sound. Where can this elegant dance take you?

  • SoundSelf

    Activate your voice in this technodelic meditation. Witness your unique vibration manifesting as vivid waves of color and sound in the vast escape of space as you lay still. Take time for yourself. Let go.



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